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The First Church of David Bowie Phonomantic Rite Playlist

 Here's a Spotify playlist that has all the songs from the original FCDB phonomantic rite. It's divided into six sections:
  1. Invocation of the Divine Mother (starts with "Changes")
  2. Processional (starts with "White Light/White Heat")
  3. The StereoMyth (starts with "Spirit of the Radio")
  4. The Transcendental Disco (starts with "Thus Spake Zarathustra")
  5. The Anne Frank Working (starts with "Oh Comely")
  6. Recessional (starts with "Release")
Each song has an emotional target (i.e. devotion, uncanny dread, exultation, despair, salvation, etc.). The songs of the StereoMyth, the Transcendental Disco, and the Anne Frank Working have been sequenced to follow the narrative contours of the Hero's Journey.

The FCDB Phonomantic Rite
Changes - 2015 Remaster - David Bowie
Lady-O - Remastered - The Turtles
Explain - Jeremy Enigk
Mother of Love - The Velvet Teen
White Light/White Heat - Live; Stereo - David Bowie
Keep Yourself Alive - Remastered 2011 - Queen
The Spirit Of Radio - Rush
Moonage Daydream - 2012 Remaster - David Bowie
Up and Atom - Astronoid
Used For Glue - Rival Schools
Forty Six & 2 - TOOL
Blood and Thunder - Mastodon
Flower - Soundgarden
Space Lord - Monster Magnet
Three Days - Jane's Addiction
Don't Look Back - Boston
Common People - Pulp
Thus Spake Zarathustra, Part I Op. 30 - Strauss Adinet, Gerard Schwarz, Seattle Symphony Orchestra
I Love It (feat. Charli XCX) - Original Version - Icona Pop
Atomic - Blondie
Umbrella - Rihanna
Best of My Love - The Emotions
Dancing On My Own - Robyn
Chandelier - Sia
Firework - Katy Perry
Polegnala e Todora (Love Song) - Bulgarian State Television Female Choir
Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen
Baby I'm a Star - 2015 Paisley Park Remaster - Prince
I Would for You - Jane's Addiction
Oh Comely - Neutral Milk Hotel
Ghost - Neutral Milk Hotel
[untitled] - Neutral Milk Hotel
Two-Headed Boy Pt. 2 - Neutral Milk Hotel
Release - Pearl Jam


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