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The Morning After (Amor Fati)

The Holy Ma has a thousand faces


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191109 - Ceremony Debrief - The StereoMyth, the Anne Frank Working, and the Sacred Marriage of Jesus and Mary - Part One

 It's 6:24AM. Last night you conducted a private phonomantic ceremony in your garage. How do you feel right now?

Considering that I only slept for a couple of hours, and that my body is supercharged with energy to the point of restless discomfort, I feel great. And exhausted. And wonderfully hopeful regarding what comes next. Last night was a smashing success.

What were the highlights?

Before I get going with the recap, I need to explain how much I don't want to be writing this. Resistance is like a spongy invisible forcefield through which I must slog in order to get this on "paper." So, my apologies if my prose is a bit fractured or terse.

Last night's ceremony was structured differently than the Shamanic Cabaret. The Cabaret is three rituals in one: a rite of transformation (The StereoMyth), a rite of purification (the Transcendental Disco), and a rite of atonement (The Anne Frank Working).

The StereoMyth is all about embodying masculine, warrior energy. You go…

Verbatim: Annotated Real-Time Commentary on 2019-11-16 Phonomantic Rite

Note: I maintain that one of the things that makes phonomancy remarkable is that it trains you to remain completely lucid while under the psychic load of superheroic doses of substantia. To gather evidence for this claim, I've long had a practice of shooting video during ceremonies. Lately my approach has been to do my visionary work in the dark, then turn on a bright light--a photographer's lightbox--so I can speak directly into the camera and explain what's going on in my head. What follows is a transcript of the comments I made between songs during last Saturday's ceremony. It's a useful document of my evolving method and visionary mythos. It's also eyewitness testimony to how effing weird it is to be seized by the Unconscious in this way, to be made a prophetic mouthpiece for the archetype of the Self in its aspect as the Herald.

Recorded at 37:45, after the song "Moonage Daydream":
I learned a really useful lesson. You can ask to see what's at…

Blondie's "Atomic" - A Divine Visitation, and the Emotional Fallout

Episode 57, in which I commit social suicide. Just kidding! Kind of. In the video clip linked below you can see me in the throes of religious ecstasy as the Divine Feminine incarnates in my consciousness, then dealing with the overwhelming energies that surge through me in the wake of the experience. With this upload, I'm putting my money where my mouth is.

I know I look like a lunatic. But please don't dismiss my claims out of hand! All I can do is tell you how this work has changed me for the better. My family and friends will attest to it: I am a far kinder, more compassionate, more self-controlled person than I used to be. I have a vastly expanded emotional range. And best of all, I seem to have cured my lifelong depression and found a way to treat my chronic loneliness. Oh yeah, and I've learned how to sing, and my dancing has improved (marginally). Bonus!

I think other people will experience similar results. Hence, my pedagogical and proselytizing mission…