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I said, "A belief system is a set of tools one can use to craft one's experience of the world."

And my friend asked me, "What might a few of your 'tools' be? And used for building what specifically?" To which I replied, "Hmm, good question! A few tenets of the belief I'm espousing might be something like..." There is an Ultimate Ground of Being. Like the hippies say, "We're all One, man." This ultimate Isness is consciousness Itself. Being All, It has to be the object of Its own attention. Contemplating Itself, it divides into two: a masculine, or positive, aspect, and a feminine, or negative aspect. The Divine Masculine is the Logos. The Ein Sof. Pure knowledge. It is utterly alien and absolutely cares nothing about you. The Divine Feminine is Sophia. Wisdom. Spirit. And the way She feels about you is...well, more on that in a second. Having separated from the Ultimate Ground (yet still in union with it), and aware of their separation, they choose to merge. This union produces a third Divine body, their child, known in Jungia

So What is the First Church of David Bowie Shamanic Cabaret?