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Achieving Gnosis via "Moonage Daydream"

About three years ago I, like many others have before me, got the messianic/prophetic call while in way over my head on a high dose of psychedelic substantia. It's not all that unusual and most people have the common sense to ignore it, but not this guy. It was accompanied by an astonishing vision of a religion of the science fictional future, and a practical plan to realize it. It was so interesting that even though I was terrified for my sanity I decided to roll with it and see where things went.

Now, at this point, I've developed a pretty unique approach to the utilization of psychedelics. It allows one to achieve visionary states functionally identical to classical gnosis while maintaining a near-sober level of lucidity, even on very high doses. In the following video, I'm working with 8g of substantia turboboosted with a 3g water extract of Syrian rue and multiple hits of pot. I'm posting the clip here in the hopes somebody will find it interesting and want to discuss.

Here's that vision of the future that I found so compelling. It's evolved since that first wild night in June 2017, but the basic idea has remained the same:

It's one hundred fifty years from now. Large groups of people--in the tens of thousands--gather to participate in huge theatrical spectacles, like Cirque du Soleil crossed  with DLR-era Van Halen. These shows have been  specifically designed to create in the audience an apprehension of the sacred. They have all trained themselves to the  point they have a cognitive superpower: they can maintain perfect lucidity and self-control while on superheroic doses of the substantia. This allows them to work alongside one another to create a resonance field of belief that amplifies the experience for everyone.

Together  the audience sing and dance along to the holy rock music of the last  half of the 20th Century and go through the emotional ups and downs of  the Hero's Journey, performing rites of transformation, purification,  and atonement. Each and every one of them achieves gnosis. And at every show they sing "Moonage Daydream," because Ziggy  Stardust is their simultaneously ironic and deeply heartfelt image for  the archetype of the Self to inhabit as the Cosmic Christ.

Then they take the divine energies they've absorbed back into the world with them as they labor to pull  civilization out of the apocalyptic nosedive their great-grandparents  (us) set in motion.

Oh, did I mention that in the mythos that has developed around my experiences, rock 'n  roll itself was invented by the Horned One, the archaic forest deity who  is the archetypal node of Shiva, Dionysius, and Cernunnos, so we could  have an appropriately pandaemonic music  with which to invoke him in  those ceremonies?


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