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Gnosis is knowledge of God. That is to say, first-hand knowledge, knowing something from direct experience, as opposed to learning about it from someone else. It’s the difference between reading a book about surfing, or watching a movie about surfing, and actually skidding down the face of a 75 foot monster wave at Mavericks.

God is an experience—an awe-inspiring, terrifying, mind-blowing, ecstatically joyful experience that’s nothing like the dead-eyed, going-through-the-motions “religion” that’s taught in churches. Having this Gnostic experience of the Divine is the point of human existence. It’s what we're here to learn how to do.

We can teach you how to achieve it. It’s no longer just for ascetics who sequester themselves in caves or monastic cells for decades of meditation, or for a few people who luck into “peak” experiences. With just a couple years of effort, our method for achieving this state of Divine apprehension, which we call phonomancy, will allow you to attain it consistently. 

It will supercharge your life with energy. Energy you can apply to whatever you choose, whether that’s healing your inner wounds, or improving your ability to be there for the people you love, or achieve your professional goals, or all of the above.

But to perform phonomancy, you need to have certain qualities:

  • Physical strength and stamina. Our ceremony that allows you to achieve gnosis is hard work—you must be on your feet and dancing for over three hours.
  • Courage. On your way to gnosis, you will meet forces in your unconscious that will stop at nothing to stop you. You will often face intense fear, despair, and even a sense of impending madness. You cannot let these threats deter you.
  • Control of your emotions--both the ability to contain them, and the ability to amplify them to superhuman levels. You can feel panic, without panicking. You can feel desolation, without being desolated. You can feel the release of total freedom, without spazzing out. You can learn to appreciate intense emotion on an aesthetic level, without allowing them to affect your actions.
  • Concentrative capacity. You have to be able to stay on task, no matter what kind of psychic pressure you’re enduring. And you need to be able to focus on the images that arise from your unconscious, so that you can remember them later.
  • Sincerity—you need to be able to let go of cynicism and give yourself to the experience whole-heartedly.

You also need to be willing.

  • Willing to expose yourself to raw terror.
  • Willing to expose yourself to heartbreak.
  • Willing to fight against evil when it threatens to overwhelm you.
  • Willing to get atavistic, to get as wild as your pagan ancestors dancing around the campfire.
  • Willing to get celestial, to recognize your home to where you are returning is among the stars.
  • Willing to feel the loving presence of the All-Mother
  • Willing to own the crimes the human race has collectively committed, and vow to make amends for them.
  • Willing to believe that Ultimate Reality has an aspect that wants to relate to you as one Person to another. The crux of all this is Belief. Belief is what closes the circuit that allows for the flow of magic. And that’s why this work is best done in the company of like-minded others.Why? Because sharing an experience amplifies it for all involved. And when it’s hard for you to believe, the others around you will hold space for you, support you until things get easier. And you can do the same for them. That’s the difference between “spiritual” and “religious.” Being “spiritual” is about having a relationship with the Divine. Being “religious,” ideally, is about working with other people to increase the vividness and intensity of that relationship.
  • Willing to work with other people. Our central ceremony, the phonomantic rite, is like a group workout to strengthen your belief.
  • And finally, you have to be willing to train outside of ceremony. It’s kind of like that line from the movie Fight Club: “Fight club gets to be your reason for going to the gym and keeping your hair cut short and cutting your nails.” The phonomantic rite becomes your reason to do a lot of things you should probably be doing anyway.  Exercising, meditating, singing, dancing, studying, journaling. All these practices will make you an altogether more enjoyable person to be around. Now you’ll have a reason to pursue them. A why. Why pursue them? Because they’ll make you more effective in ceremony. Being more effective in ceremony means having a more powerful experience of the Divine Reality. And regular exposure to the Divine Reality will eventually make you superhuman.

We want you to participate in our ceremonies. We want you to train with us. Be consistent. Try to get better every day. Try to feel better every day. Believe that joy is your birthright. Work to embody it, knowing that to be joy is to prepare for gnosis.

In doing so, you’ll gain membership in our Shamanic Legion of Superheroes. So join up. We need you if we’re going to save the world!





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