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Ontological Spelunker's Union Talk - 23-May 2021

  Here's the Powerpoint presentation for the talk I gave at tonight's Ontological Spelunker's Union meeting. Thanks for your interest! Here's a link to the videos: Here's the Spotify playlist for the FCDB Phonomantic Rite: Here's the YouTube playlist for the FCDB phonomantic rite music videos (use these if you're actually going to do the Rite): And here is the script from the talk: Two Popular Approaches to Psychedelics - 1 Hey, thanks for coming to my talk tonight. It’s about 30 minutes long, so I’m just going to blast through it. If you’ve got questions, please type them into the chat, and I’ll answer them at the end. Things are going to get pretty weird, so I hope you’ll stick with me ‘til then. I’m going to start