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191113 - Ceremony Debrief - The StereoMyth, the Anne Frank Working, and the Sacred Marriage of Jesus and Mary - Part Two

As ever, the early part of the evening was rough. By the end of the Invocation, I was already experiencing invasive thoughts: This was a bad idea. You shouldn't be doing this. Give up. Go lie down. The Fear was on me all the way through "Used for Glue."

I know this because in this ceremony, I resumed an old practice, with a new twist. In between songs, I paused to talk to the camera. I described what had just happened, how I was feeling, how I was coping. But usually I do that in the semi-dark; this time, for the commentary, I turned on the light box! In the videos that document my evening, I am standing brightly lit. I am, as advertised, completely lucid, but it's obvious that I'm exerting a tremendous effort to maintain my composure. I'm scared shitless, but I'm still smiling.

(Note: I cannot believe how bad my singing is when I've got earbuds in. Watching the scene in Tarantino's Death Proof when the cheerleader character is unself-consciously…
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The First Church of David Bowie Phonomantic Rite Playlist

Here's a Spotify playlist that has all the songs from the original FCDB phonomantic rite. It's divided into six sections: Invocation of the Divine Mother (starts with "Changes")Processional (starts with "White Light/White Heat")The StereoMyth (starts with "Spirit of the Radio")The Transcendental Disco (starts with "Thus Spake Zarathustra")The Anne Frank Working (starts with "Oh Comely")Recessional (starts with "Release") Each song has an emotional target (i.e. devotion, uncanny dread, exultation, despair, salvation, etc.). The songs of the StereoMyth, the Transcendental Disco, and the Anne Frank Working have been sequenced to follow the narrative contours of the Hero's Journey.

The FCDB Phonomantic Rite
Changes - 2015 Remaster - David Bowie
Lady-O - Remastered - The Turtles
Explain - Jeremy Enigk
Mother of Love - The Velvet Teen
White Light/White Heat - Live; Stereo - David Bowie
Keep Yourself Alive - Remastered …

The Morning After (Amor Fati)

191109 - Ceremony Debrief - The StereoMyth, the Anne Frank Working, and the Sacred Marriage of Jesus and Mary - Part One

 It's 6:24AM. Last night you conducted a private phonomantic ceremony in your garage. How do you feel right now?

Considering that I only slept for a couple of hours, and that my body is supercharged with energy to the point of restless discomfort, I feel great. And exhausted. And wonderfully hopeful regarding what comes next. Last night was a smashing success.

What were the highlights?

Before I get going with the recap, I need to explain how much I don't want to be writing this. Resistance is like a spongy invisible forcefield through which I must slog in order to get this on "paper." So, my apologies if my prose is a bit fractured or terse.

Last night's ceremony was structured differently than the Shamanic Cabaret. The Cabaret is three rituals in one: a rite of transformation (The StereoMyth), a rite of purification (the Transcendental Disco), and a rite of atonement (The Anne Frank Working).

The StereoMyth is all about embodying masculine, warrior energy. You go…

The Dot and the Line: A Dramatic Lesson in Self-Actualization

Since my visions began, it's been fascinating to find art that I've always loved take on new meaning and resonance within the cognitive model I've been developing. Case in point: The Dot and the Line, a little book by Norton Juster that was later turned into a cartoon by the redoubtable Chuck Jones.

The story takes place in an abstract, two-dimensional world. A sentient straight Line is in love with equally sentient (but perhaps not quite so self-aware) Dot. Alas, the Dot only has eyes (so to speak) for a wild Squiggle.

Here, just watch the cartoon, it's only ten minutes long:

This short film (which won an Oscar in 1965) speaks to me on many levels. My personal history has seen me play the pining Line more times than I care to count...fine, I counted, it's been ten times, at least. Ten cases of soul-crushing unrequited love. I am the Line. But I identify with the Line not just because he knows the ecstatic heights and smothering depths of lonely yearnin…