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Portrait of the Artist in a Theta Wave State

This rather terrifying image is a screenshot from video recorded during the ceremony I conducted on Saturday, June 25th, 2022. The white glow isn't Photoshop; that's the reflection of a TV screen on my sclerae as my eyes completely roll up into my head. I'm employing the index-and-pink-fingers-extended traditional mudra of " Fuck yeah! " to express endorsement of and assent to the Goddess' Divine Plan that shapes our lives. Phonomancy is a reliable means for attaining intense visionary trance. What can't be demonstrated in this still image is that after 30 seconds in this state, I return to a condition of sober lucidity. Nobody speaking with me who didn't know that I was working on 6g of cubensis turbocharged with a water extract of 5g Syrian rue seeds plus multiple hits of pot would have any idea of the crushing psychic load I'm under. I'm able to carry it with aplomb. That's visionary virtuosity. Yesterday's effort was a hard-fought b
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You Had ONE JOB!

  Any religion that does not offer a means to have a direct experience of the Divine --an experience that delivers transformative energy, information, and meaning, one usually characterized as " mystical " or " visionary "--is a failed religion. Any new religion that fails to offer such an experience is a non-starter.  Enabling and conditioning an experience of the Divine while creating a community in which that experience can be anchored is the only real purpose of religion. Everything else--the " designated behaviors and practices, morals, beliefs, worldviews, texts, sanctified places, prophecies, ethics, or organizations " that are what people generally mean when they say the word--is pointless if it does not support such an experience.

Parareality Games - A New Way to Religion

All religions worthy of the term can be understood as games of make-believe that enable and condition experiences of the Sacred while simultaneously creating community in which those experiences can be anchored. A parareality game is deep-played make-believe that fulfills the same functions but also serves as a program for achieving superhuman self-actualization .  'Deep play' is an ecstatic form of play that combines adventure, fun, wonder, real-world risk, and ordeal...It requires daring, discipline, concentration, a tolerance for danger, the ability to live with uncertainty, and a desire for transcendence . Parareality games are a new way to religion. The fun, wonder, real-world risk, etc. they can engender is in large part due to the fact they are designed to be played while in a psychedelically-altered state of consciousness. A parareality game is initiated by pretending to believe something is true (i.e., play make-believe) in order to have a certain kind of exp

A.P. Psychedelics - The Audiobook!


Movie Download Links

 Hi! Here are links so you can download the movies from my first entheotainment, The First Church of David Bowie Shamanic Cabaret .  Instructions for use:  Download the videos and load them into a Media Player playlist. Take your dose. Press play. Pay attention. Hold on to your hat! Part One: Introduction, Invocation, and Processional Part Two: The StereoMyth Part Three: The Transcendental Disco Part Four: The Anne Frank Working Part Five: The Recessional  If you'd prefer to stream the videos off of YouTube, here's the playlist link . (Please note that some phonomantic music videos have been deleted due to copyright issues. These have been replaced with the original music videos.) Have fun!    

NEW BOOK! "A.P. Psychedelics: Going Beyond Set and Setting to Achieve Visionary Virtuosity"

    Well hey! I haven't posted here in a bit, but I've been busy. I just published a new book, A.P. Psychedelics: Going Beyond Set and Setting to Achieve Visionary Virtuosity . Here's the marketing blurb: Since the early 1960s, 'set and setting' have been regarded as the determining conditions for a beneficial psychedelic experience. To these considerations the phonomantic method, a groundbreaking approach to psychedelic practice, adds three more 'S's: structure , stress , and skill . With courage, discipline, and effort, a little bit of danger and a whole lot of fun, you can learn to use the phonomantic S triad to control the effects of psychedelics and develop supranormal psychological and spiritual capacities. A.P. Psychedelics: Going Beyond Set and Setting to Achieve Visionary Virtuosity explains how.   Really, that only scratches the surface. If this year you're going to buy only one cogent and frequently hilarious introduction to advanced

The Sacred Marriage of Mary and Jesus - Script for a Phonomantic Rite

  Chapter One: When You Were Young, You Were the King of Carrot Flowers Yeshua ben Yosef is eighteen years-old.  He is the doted-on child of Joseph, a carpenter, and his wife Elizabeth. They are nearly 60 years old and call Yeshua—better known to us as Jesus the Christ—their “miracle baby,” because he arrived in their lives long after they’d given up hope of having a child to love. Jesus works in his father’s carpentry shop. He is developing a reputation for the beautiful designs he paints on all the tables, chairs, and oaken chests he builds. During his off-hours he likes to wander in the desert searching for minerals like hematite, limonite, and lazurite, which he uses to make his pigments. One day he comes across a plant that is unknown to him. It draws his eye because it has flowers of an orange so brilliant, they seem to glow. These flowers also smell good, and so Jesus, being the curious sort, eats a petal to see how it tasted. It has an appealing tang, and it doesn’t upset his s