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 Hi! Here are links so you can download the movies from my first entheotainment, The First Church of David Bowie Shamanic Cabaret .  Instructions for use:  Download the videos and load them into a Media Player playlist. Take your dose. Press play. Pay attention. Hold on to your hat! Part One: Introduction, Invocation, and Processional Part Two: The StereoMyth Part Three: The Transcendental Disco Part Four: The Anne Frank Working Part Five: The Recessional  If you'd prefer to stream the videos off of YouTube, here's the playlist link . (Please note that some phonomantic music videos have been deleted due to copyright issues. These have been replaced with the original music videos.) Have fun!    
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NEW BOOK! "A.P. Psychedelics: Going Beyond Set and Setting to Achieve Visionary Virtuosity"

    Well hey! I haven't posted here in a bit, but I've been busy. I just published a new book, A.P. Psychedelics: Going Beyond Set and Setting to Achieve Visionary Virtuosity . Here's the marketing blurb: Since the early 1960s, 'set and setting' have been regarded as the determining conditions for a beneficial psychedelic experience. To these considerations the phonomantic method, a groundbreaking approach to psychedelic practice, adds three more 'S's: structure , stress , and skill . With courage, discipline, and effort, a little bit of danger and a whole lot of fun, you can learn to use the phonomantic S triad to control the effects of psychedelics and develop supranormal psychological and spiritual capacities. A.P. Psychedelics: Going Beyond Set and Setting to Achieve Visionary Virtuosity explains how.   Really, that only scratches the surface. If this year you're going to buy only one cogent and frequently hilarious introduction to advanced

Raw Transcript for 2-19-22 Ceremony

  Ceremony conducted Sat, 19 Feb 2022 Dosage: 8g cubensis backed with 4g Syrian rue water extract, 3 hits of pot, vaped DMT Unedited notes transcribed from video: MOONAGE DAYDREAM Well… Holy fuck! There it is. Confirmation at the highest level. This is all real. It’s all happening. Even though right at this minute (in the immediate aftermath) I can feel uncertainty and fear pushing their weight against this belief. My belief that this is all real has been the key. Really real, where I can really commit. Put my life into it. And I’ve done that! I did it by quitting my job. And the result…was a beyond gorgeous celestial vision of the gods. Of Ma and Pa, and all their Kids, looming over me as these titanic statues in this cavern through which I being brought, on my back, on a boat, on a river, and I’m watching these vaulted architectures pass by overhead. And the biggest one of all is the one with all of them. The Family. Ma and Pa and the Kids. Represented in this vast and cosm

Raw Transcript for 1/22/2022 Ceremony

  2022-01-23 – Ceremony Transcript It’s still early; I just finished the Invocation of the Divine Mother. And during “Mother of Love” the most interesting thing happened. The medicine had been opening up in this really beautiful, celestial way. I was following a trailing starfield and through it flew a couple, a man and a woman, and they were making love. They were intertwined, but they had endless tails streaming out behind them, they were like cosmic serpents or maybe merpeople of space. Bu then all of a sudden I had an image of a mess on the floor, and then I saw a spray bottle of some commercial cleaning product—it was a fictitious brand, like “Slide” I think. And I was immediately jarred out of my peaceful reverie and I realized, “Oh! This is Resistance at work.” At which point I grabbed a mapacho and blew smoke to banish the bad energy. And things proceeded from there. Just more evidence for the reality of this force which seeks to ruin things. “The French Song” Oh my god