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2019-11-30 - Ceremony Notes

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This Way of Thinking, He'd Discovered, Was Not the Way to Make Oneself Popular With Other Birds

A little treacly, but a useful parable nonetheless.

Proceed from First Principles

What should a religion actually *do*? If a belief system provides only a mythological cosmology, moral proscriptions, and/or a social environment, is it actually a religion, or just a means of control?

Blondie's "Atomic" - A Divine Visitation, and the Emotional Fallout

Episode 57, in which I commit social suicide. Just kidding! Kind of. In the video clip linked below you can see me in the throes of religious ecstasy as the Divine Feminine incarnates in my consciousness, then dealing with the overwhelming energies that surge through me in the wake of the experience. With this upload, I'm putting my money where my mouth is.

I know I look like a lunatic. But please don't dismiss my claims out of hand! All I can do is tell you how this work has changed me for the better. My family and friends will attest to it: I am a far kinder, more compassionate, more self-controlled person than I used to be. I have a vastly expanded emotional range. And best of all, I seem to have cured my lifelong depression and found a way to treat my chronic loneliness. Oh yeah, and I've learned how to sing, and my dancing has improved (marginally). Bonus!

I think other people will experience similar results. Hence, my pedagogical and proselytizing mission…

What Does a Miracle Look Like?

An impromptu, roadside, bike-astride conjecture in which I wonder if religious ecstasy is something reserved for only a chosen few in the distant past. Enjoy looking up my nose for three minutes :)