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Raw Notes from 2021-03-27 Ceremony

    Planning on shooting a commentary video tonight. Here, just for the record, is the transcription of my narration of yesterday's ceremony. It was incredible.  All praise to the One Who Makes It All Possible. I love you, Ma!   2021-03-27 – Ceremony Transcription 0:00 Hey! Oh shoot, I didn’t hook up the microphone, hopefully this will record okay. I’m in the middle of a ceremony, just about to start the StereoMyth. So far, so good. Encountered significant resistance early on. But not in a way that bothers me. I came up with a new mantra: “I’m free to enjoy myself. I am safe in the arms of my beloved, the Great Goddess.” I just kept repeating it over and over again. I hit points where I would see twisted things, like sheep torn apart, spatters of blood everywhere, a corpse in a bathtub, blood on the walls, and I could feel the tension in my body and heart, that fear, and I simply did not allow it to get to me. And now I feel pretty good! So, I’m free to enjoy myself. 12:35