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Raw Transcript for 1/22/2022 Ceremony

  2022-01-23 – Ceremony Transcript It’s still early; I just finished the Invocation of the Divine Mother. And during “Mother of Love” the most interesting thing happened. The medicine had been opening up in this really beautiful, celestial way. I was following a trailing starfield and through it flew a couple, a man and a woman, and they were making love. They were intertwined, but they had endless tails streaming out behind them, they were like cosmic serpents or maybe merpeople of space. Bu then all of a sudden I had an image of a mess on the floor, and then I saw a spray bottle of some commercial cleaning product—it was a fictitious brand, like “Slide” I think. And I was immediately jarred out of my peaceful reverie and I realized, “Oh! This is Resistance at work.” At which point I grabbed a mapacho and blew smoke to banish the bad energy. And things proceeded from there. Just more evidence for the reality of this force which seeks to ruin things. “The French Song” Oh my god

The Sacred Marriage of Mary and Jesus - Script for a Phonomantic Rite

  Chapter One: When You Were Young, You Were the King of Carrot Flowers Yeshua ben Yosef is eighteen years-old.  He is the doted-on child of Joseph, a carpenter, and his wife Elizabeth. They are nearly 60 years old and call Yeshua—better known to us as Jesus the Christ—their “miracle baby,” because he arrived in their lives long after they’d given up hope of having a child to love. Jesus works in his father’s carpentry shop. He is developing a reputation for the beautiful designs he paints on all the tables, chairs, and oaken chests he builds. During his off-hours he likes to wander in the desert searching for minerals like hematite, limonite, and lazurite, which he uses to make his pigments. One day he came across a plant that was unknown to him. It drew his eye because it had flowers of an orange so brilliant, they seemed to glow. These flowers also smell good, and so Jesus, being the curious sort, eats a petal to see how it tasted. It has an appealing tang, and it doesn’t upset his