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I'm Not Asking You to Believe What I Believe

    I'm not asking you to believe what I believe or to see the same things or talk to the same gods. I'm inviting you to have your own experience alongside me.  What I'm telling you is that we can do the same practice and have our own results. Think of it like yoga. You attend a yoga class, you go through the same asanas in the same order. But with each position, the challenge is personalized. You have your own relationship, your own struggle, and so your experience will be uniquely your own.  And you could do it at home, alone.  But there's something really fun about sharing experiences with other people. You can support each other, cheer each other on. It's bonding. It's community. It's human.  That's what I'm trying to create. The FCDB Shamanic Cabaret is my version of what a group experience could be like. It's built for me, and for people who are like me, who share a lot of my tastes, and are flexible enough to work through the t

Raw Notes for Ceremony Conducted on 2021-12-19

  2021-12-19 – Ceremony Notes Hey, wanted to make my first note, there’s a thought I wanted to capture: there’s absolutely no room for irony in this. Not at all. This requires total commitment and sincerity. You cannot take this on and hope to succeed if your heart is not in it all the way. And that’s interesting. I don’t know how many experiences in life demand utter wholeheartedness. Almost anything else can be perverted to some extent. Even sex. But not this. You have to mean it. “Moonage Daydream” I actually have to stop the show because I’m so fucking freaked out and amazed and staggered by what just happened. During “Moonage Daydream” the medicine started to open up. And it’s already starting to get lost to me—it was such an incredible experience, I was given this certain confirmation of who I am and what I’m doing, and also shown the way that Resistance, which is a real thing, was pushing with everything it has to make me not believe it. I can feel it coming on me as a w

Put Me In, Coach

    It’s been established that in a clinical setting, psychedelics can inspire a mystical-type experience in almost 7/10 people. That’s wonderful, but it’s also creating a kind of psychedelic Tower of Babel, where everyone is having their individual experiences, but nobody can really communicate them and contribute to our collective understanding of the Mystery. For one thing, most people don’t have the facility with symbolic language necessary to convey perceptions of consciousness contents that transcend conceptual thought. For another, they have no skill: as dosages increase, they lose lucidity, and thus can’t retain what it is they’ve seen. (This could be related to one’s ability to recall dreams; comparing waking up in the morning to write down what you remember, versus waking up in the middle of the night after a vivid dream to immediately record your perceptions.) So anyway it’s likely that at some point, people will begin trying to gather for group experiences, and for that