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Raw Notes from 2021-04-24 Ceremony

 Here's the transcription of my narration for the phonomantic rite I performed yesterday. It was a tremendous time. I'll make a video later today to help myself process the many, many interesting ideas that came up.  00:05 Hey! Starting the StereoMyth. During “Up the Beach” there was a sudden presence of tremendous bright yellow spiraling energy that first announced itself as a very clear vision of a fantastic woman's body, wreathed in a loose, flowing stole, with her face obscured. (I think her hands were in front of her face, but in my imagination now she’s veiled). There was no particular emotional connection to it. I treated her respectfully, but didn’t think anything of it. Resistance showed up in the middle of it. The medicine was opening up in a spectacular way. The closed eye patterns I was seeing suddenly became three dimensional; very much like a DMT thing. They were fairly dark but I guess if you could imagine looking down at a garden in night time that sud

The Sacred Marriage of Jesus and Mary

  I just came up with the story for my next entheotainment. It’s a mashup of Jesus Christ Superstar , Moulin Rouge , Romeo and Juliet , and the myths of Osiris and Orpheus. It was inspired by the fact that in the Christian myth Jesus’ mother and love interest share the same name, which suggests a degree of ambiguity in the differentiation of their characters, psychologically-speaking. It also draws on a motif found in various Goddess mythologies: the Goddess has a consort, the Horned God, who is both Her lover and Her son. This lover is killed, and must be brought back to life. The show starts with Jesus emerging from the desert. He is only eighteen years old. While being baptized in the river Jordan by his cousin John, Jesus had a vision of God telling him his destiny. It had so terrified him he’d fled into the desert, where he fasted and prayed and tried to come to grips with the experience. In the New Testament stories, he manages to get into alignment with the Divine Will. He retur