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Raw Notes from 2021-01-30 Ceremony

  This is a transcription of the real-time commentary I made on my experience during the phonomantic rite conducted on Saturday, January 30th, 2021. A ferocious battle every step of the way, it was a tremendously energizing, moving, and (for reasons that will be obvious) troubling experience.  Again, this is simply what I said on video. There's been no editing for clarity. And I guess I should take pains to explicitly say I do NOT believe I am Jesus Christ. Good grief, amirite? But I am trying to be honest about these experiences. And part of it is this "messianic call," as I've described it elsewhere. Powerful, impactful thoughts emerge spontaneously, accompanied by vivid imagery, and in the moment, they have all the impact of divine revelation. ACCEPT THE MANTLE OF WORLD TEACHER. To reject it, to regard it as the visionary version of "jumping the shark," is to risk jettisoning as illegitimate all the profound joy that this work has brought me. To accept

Join Our Shamanic Legion of Superheroes!

  Gnosis is knowledge of God. That is to say, first-hand knowledge, knowing something from direct experience, as opposed to learning about it from someone else. It’s the difference between reading a book about surfing, or watching a movie about surfing, and actually skidding down the face of a 75 foot monster wave at Mavericks. God is an experience—an awe-inspiring, terrifying, mind-blowing, ecstatically joyful experience that’s nothing like the dead-eyed, going-through-the-motions “religion” that’s taught in churches. Having this Gnostic experience of the Divine is the point of human existence. It’s what we're here to learn how to do. We can teach you how to achieve it. It’s no longer just for ascetics who sequester themselves in caves or monastic cells for decades of meditation, or for a few people who luck into “peak” experiences. With just a couple years of effort, our method for achieving this state of Divine apprehension, which we call phonomancy, will allow you to attain it