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"If there is a Ma, then who is the Pa?"

The "Holy Ma" is my name for the Divine Feminine. "Pa" is the masculine aspect of the Godhead. Make no mistake, this is not about gender. In this case feminine and masculine are ways to characterize the energies of the penultimate dualistic nature of the Absolute. You could as easily say, negative and positive, yin and yang, chaos and order, etc.

Based on my experience, Pa is God as the Radically Alien, the Logos, the Ein Sof. It is Pure Intellect, and utterly uncaring of you, puny human.* But Ma is God as Person, Spirit, Shakti, the very essence of emotion itself, and she loves you like your mommy does, only times infinity.

These are energies that can be encountered up-close-and-personal in one's unconscious. They also completely transcend our ability to think about or even experience them. So what happens is that your imagination throws up a screen, a symbol, an image, to help you interface with that energy. That's what every god and goddess is: a cognitive model imposed on a transcendent reality so you can relate to it. Once you've grokked that, you realize you can use any image of the divine you want. They all have different aspects and thus will yield different experiences and change you in different ways.

What my technique teaches is a means to tap into that energy, then focus it on a consciously-chosen image--kind of like holding up a stained glass window to the light of a rising sun. That image will become animate in your consciousness, which is to say, the God(dess) will speak to you. Sometimes in words, sometimes in images, sometimes in ideas. And the way you can tell it's God, and not just your own mind playing tricks, is the flabbergasting energy of it. Your body feels like it's being torn apart at a molecular level.

That's not visible from the outside. You're not levitating or enveloped in light. It's an entirely subjective experience. But it's so powerful that I honestly can't imagine anyone who experiences it would be able to discount its Divine provenance.

I want to reiterate that these ideas are a cognitive model, a way to interpret a Reality that is beyond our ability to perceive, let alone understand. Every religion is a cognitive model. In the past, when we were much more limited in our access to ideas, these models spread through geographical regions. Now we have unlimited access to information, so we can get exposed to every kind of interpretative schema, including new ones like mine. Now we can choose the model that works best for us, that provides the strongest experience and the most appealing explanation. And we can do that alongside others who share the same predilections, while understanding that those who aren't as similar to us are still taking a completely legitimate approach to the problem of how to access the Divine.

*That said, in some of Pa's manifestations--like my favorite, archaic forest god the Horned One--he has an awesome eldritch majesty that is terrifying until you realize he's on your side. Does that contradict what I said earlier? Yes and no. The masculine Divine can be utterly, pants-wettingly Other and it can be the dad who cradles you in his arms and keeps you safe from the beasts of the night. Somehow it's both at the same time, and no I don't understand it either, I'm just giving my witness.


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