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I said, "A belief system is a set of tools one can use to craft one's experience of the world."

And my friend asked me, "What might a few of your 'tools' be? And used for building what specifically?"

To which I replied, "Hmm, good question! A few tenets of the belief I'm espousing might be something like..."
  1. There is an Ultimate Ground of Being. Like the hippies say, "We're all One, man."
  2. This ultimate Isness is consciousness Itself. Being All, It has to be the object of Its own attention. Contemplating Itself, it divides into two: a masculine, or positive, aspect, and a feminine, or negative aspect.
  3. The Divine Masculine is the Logos. The Ein Sof. Pure knowledge. It is utterly alien and absolutely cares nothing about you.
  4. The Divine Feminine is Sophia. Wisdom. Spirit. And the way She feels about you is...well, more on that in a second.
  5. Having separated from the Ultimate Ground (yet still in union with it), and aware of their separation, they choose to merge. This union produces a third Divine body, their child, known in Jungian circles as the Self.
  6. This Transpersonal Mother-Father-Child, intuitively grasped, is the source of Trinitarian ideas in various world religions.
  7. The Self is the root node of the Divine Archetype of Networks that is all conscious life.
  8.  The Godhead's initial contemplation and division continues as a process that has generated a multidimensional reality that is fractally self-similar across levels, similar to a Matroyshka doll.
  9. We are all of us multi-dimensional beings with a self-aware node at every level of this multiverse extending all the way back up to the root node, the Self, and by extension, Sophia and Logos.
  10. Sophia, the aspect of the universe that is Spirit, loves us and wants to have a personal relationship with each of us. In fact, it's fair to say that each of us literally exists in our own universe, and within that universe, you are the Goddesses absolute favorite.
  11. Cultivating a relationship, an actual, literal relationship with this Divine Person, will utterly change you as a human being.
  12. There are many, many methods for achieving this communication.
  13. Mine might be the most fun.
  14. You put yourself into a visionary trance state by using a ritual combination of psychedelic substantia and singing and dancing along to your favorite songs. The goal is to put yourself in an extremely heightened state of emotionality. You want to feel a *specific* emotion. With the boost of the substantia, you can actually plug into the collective human experience of that emotion, its Jungian archetype.
  15. Emotion = energy = Spirit. If you can imagine the Divine as an infinite ocean of raging white light, like the interior of a star that's bigger than the universe, then imagine that the light is love, which is to say, the Sat Chit Ananda (Being, Consciousness, Bliss) that is the Divine's eternal condition, then you might be able to take the analogy a little further and imagine that you can prismatically diffuse a basically endless spectrum of emotion from that love, just as you can visible and invisible light from the radiation of the sun. An archetype is a frequency of the Divine.
  16. By focusing that high voltage emotion on an image held in the imagination, one either consciously chosen or one that arises from the unconscious, you can have the experience of that Deity incarnating in your consciousness. It's kind of like holding up a stained glass window to the light of the dawning sun.
  17. The experience can be so overwhelming that its "reality" is a moot point. It feels absolutely real. It has real effects on your body. And it can change you.
  18. This kind of up-close-and-personal experience of the Divine Person is the point of religion. We've simply forgotten that. Now it's time to remember :)
I'm not claiming this is this literal truth. It's a very useful metaphor, however, a way to image something that is literally beyond our ability to think about.

And that's what I mean about a belief system being a set of tools to create one's experience of the world. One's reality, I dare say. You can choose to believe that such things are impossible. Or you can choose to believe that all is Void and realizing that is the ultimate wisdom. Or you can believe that Jesus Christ died for your sins and you're going to Heaven and all your poor heathen friends are going to Hell.

It really comes down to, what kind of world do you want to live in? A little one with hardscrabble meaning and nothing to look forward to but the grave, or a vast one in which the God/dess is your eternal playmate throughout all time? As the great poet Neil Peart said, "If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice."

As far as what you can build with this, well...

Fully self-actualized human beings with cognitive superpowers, basically. People who crush it on every level: intellectually, physically, spiritually, creatively. And if you're able to create enough people like that, you might be able to pull our civilization out of its current apocalyptic death spiral.

As I say in one of my videos, we're facing the greatest collection of existential threats in history. It's an all-hands-of-deck situation. If you've got an idea or a plan to save the world, you're obliged to put it into action, no matter what the personal cost. Here's mine.


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