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Your Pain is a Promise


The need for love is like the need for food. Deprived of food, you feel hunger. Deprived of love, you feel loneliness. The longer this deprivation continues, the more excruciating the response in the body and soul--I need this, I need this, without it I'm going to die. If it goes on for too long, you just might!

Unfortunately, human beings cannot photosynthesize. Food, our source of physical energy, must be sought somewhere outside ourselves. Love too can be sought outside, from other people, but being emotion, which is simply another way to say Spirit, or God, it can also be found within ourselves. This is accomplished by quieting our minds and reaching out with our hearts to the very Source of our being.  

Loving is wonderful. Being loved is wonderful. Loving and being loved in return is the most wonderful thing of all. It is the condition of bliss. The desire to be in that state is innate to us. It's not a flaw--it's a feature. It's how we were designed. As children of our Creator, bliss is our birthright.

If you are unable to find love with another person, please believe this: your anguish is not a punishment. It's a call to realize your ultimate purpose, which is to come to know and experience yourself and the Goddess in a state of mutual desire and affirmation.  

So sit quietly with your aching heart. Understand that the true object of its desire is not a human person, but the Sacred Person. And know that Person longs for you, too, but to an infinite degree. Your pain is a promise! You will have the love you seek, and sooner than you think. In fact, it's already here. You simply have to train yourself, by meditating, to perceive it.


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